When you first hear the term, TMS therapy may sound frightening. You may have many questions. For instance, what is TMS therapy? This question is easy to answer, because at TMS Therapy Now, we are experts in the field of TMS therapy. We are a licensed TMS therapy program in Tampa, Florida, and our goal is to get you feeling normal again. Keep reading to answer your questions. Then, contact our experts today to see how TMS therapy can help you.

What is TMS Therapy?

a couple happy that they learned what is tms therapyTMS therapy is not as complicated as it sounds. The full name for TMS therapy is transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. During TMS therapy, an electromagnetic coil will stimulate the areas of the brain that control your mood and depression. It is a safe and effective option for people with a variety of mental disorders, including addiction, anxiety, and depression. It does not require sedation, and it is noninvasive, so our patients can return to work that day if they so desire. Most patients receive treatment about five times a week for four to six weeks, and the process usually takes less than an hour.

Your doctor may use TMS therapy in conjunction with other treatment methods, such as medication or talk therapy. This treatment modality doesn’t mean that TMS therapy is not working. It does means that you’re getting the most care possible.

TMS Therapy Process

The process for TMS therapy is relatively simple. During each of your sessions, you will go to one of our TMS therapy locations in Tampa, FL, and lay down on a comfortable couch or chair. You will put on protective ear wear to protect your hearing. Then, our specialist will apply a small electromagnetic coil to your forehead. You will feel a series of slight taps where the coil rests. Then there will be a pause. At this point, your specialist is adjusting the strength of the pulse. They increase the energy level until your fingertips or hand start twitching.

Once the strength is determined, the expert will make the coil will pulse repeatedly and stimulate the nerve cells in your brain. The pulse is not significant; it is roughly the same strength as an MRI scan.

There is a slight risk of side effects, such as muscle spasms, lightheadedness, headaches, or irritation where the coil is located. If you experience this, tell the specialist, and they will adjust the amount of stimulation you receive. More severe side effects, such as seizures or manic episodes, are not as common. However, you should tell your doctor if you have bipolar disorder or epilepsy. He or she may decide to try an alternative treatment option for your safety.

TMS Therapy Now

Now that you know what TMS therapy is, you should be confident that TMS Therapy Now can treat your anxiety, addiction, or depression. We are licensed specialists, and we know how to ensure your comfort and safety during the treatment process. Contact TMS Therapy Now at 866.305.7668 to talk to an expert on how we can treat your mental disorder. We want to heal you, using TMS therapy.