TMS Therapy Locations

a woman learning about the tms therapy locationsDo you struggle with mental health conditions? Have you found traditional psychotherapy and pharmaceuticals to be ineffective? You should check out TMS therapy at TMS therapy locations near you. TMS, if you don’t know, stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Physicians have used TMS therapeutically to treat depression since the 1980s.

Before going to one of our TMS therapy locations in South Tampa, Florida, make sure you understand TMS. Check out our guides to what TMS is, how TMS works, and our list of TMS FAQs.

TMS Therapy Locations for Depression

TMS works by using magnetic pulses every 20 seconds to activate cells and chemicals in your brain. The original therapeutic purpose of TMS was treating major depression. If you have depression, definitely look into our TMS therapy locations.

Physicians place TMS coils on your scalp, above the prefrontal cortex. Why is that important? The prefrontal cortex deals with your mood, pain regulation, and emotions. Within the prefrontal cortex, neurotransmitters called dopamine and serotonin correlate with your happiness. Doctors implicate the absence of those two chemicals in having depression.

What TMS therapy does is simple. The magnetic pulses activate nerve cells in your prefrontal cortex, making them more likely to release those two chemicals. No treatment is a silver bullet. However, TMS is an alternative for the roughly 30 to 50 percent of depression patients who don’t respond to antidepressants. Studies have found that 58 percent of patients showed an improvement, including 37 percent who achieved full remission.

Tired of failed pharmaceuticals and therapists? Come to one of our TMS therapy locations today!

TMS Therapy Locations for Anxiety

Traditionally, science associates the front-left side of the brain with anxiety. The benefits of TMS therapy in regards to anxiety are the same as above. The release of dopamine and serotonin after TMS therapy helps manage your anxiety symptoms.

If you’re suffering from anxiety in South Tampa, don’t wait any longer. At TMS Therapy Now, we offer psychiatry services in Tampa, Florida. Whether you want to try TMS therapy or use other therapeutic modalities, TMS Therapy Now has you covered. Don’t let anxiety wrack you any longer — come to one of our TMS therapy locations today.

TMS Therapy Locations for Addiction

Although addiction does involve outside substances, the roots of addiction often come from the brain. As with depression and anxiety, TMS therapy helps activate underactive cells in your brain relating to addiction. Medication-assisted treatment and psychotherapy aren’t helping your symptoms? Come to one of our TMS therapy locations and get help today.

At TMS Therapy Now, we offer a full complement of psychiatric services. If you have a co-occurring substance abuse problem and mental disorder, we’ll help you. When you come to one of our TMS therapy locations in South Tampa, Florida, you’ll get the care you need.

TMS Therapy Locations In Tampa, Florida

See how TMS therapy works for you by coming to one of our TMS therapy locations. TMS Therapy Now offers all the psychiatric services you need in South Tampa, Florida. Contact us online or call 866.305.7668 to set up an appointment today!