If you suffer from anxiety, you may struggle to get through each day. Your excessive worrying, intrusive thoughts, and emotional distress make it hard for you to function. All you want is relief. Fortunately, TMS therapy for anxiety in Tampa, Florida is here to help you. TMS is a new therapy option for people like you who suffer from anxiety. However, you may be asking yourself, what is TMS therapy, and how does it work? The experts at TMS Therapy Now have the answers you need. Read on to learn how TMS therapy can help you conquer anxiety once and for all.

What is TMS Therapy for Anxiety?

a woman practicing what she learned at tms therapy for anxietyTranscranial magnetic stimulation is the unabbreviated name for TMS therapy. This treatment was recently approved by the FDA and is a safe and noninvasive way to treat your anxiety. TMS creates a magnetic field to create a small electric current in the part of the brain that controls your mood and depression. A small electromagnetic coil generates the pulse and delivers pulses through your scalp.

TMS treatment for anxiety requires no anesthesia and is virtually painless, though you may feel a tapping against your head when you’re in treatment. If your doctor decides TMS therapy for anxiety is the right treatment for you, you will likely receive treatment for about five weeks. The sessions will occur four or five times a week, and you will find that each session takes about 40 minutes.

TMS anxiety is only one weapon in your battle against anxiety. Your doctor will most likely use TMS therapy for anxiety, along with other traditional treatments, such as talk therapy and anxiety medication. Talk to your doctor about whether TMS therapy for anxiety could help you become less anxious.

Are There Side Effects Involved with TMS Therapy?

It’s normal to have questions about TMS therapy side effects. As with every medical treatment, there are a few mild side effects that some patients experience. These include:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms and twitching
  • Irritation on your scalp where the electromagnetic coil was placed
  • Lightheadedness

These mild side effects don’t happen with every patient, and if they do occur, they will not last long. However, there are other more severe side effects. Patients with bipolar disorder may experience a manic episode after treatment.

Additionally, you should tell your doctor if you have experienced seizures or have epilepsy. These symptoms may indicate that you’re at risk of seizures with this treatment. However, less than 1% of patients receiving treatment experienced seizures.

If you have any health concerns regarding TMS therapy for anxiety, talk to our licensed experts at TMS Therapy Now. We can allay your fears and talk about alternative treatment options. Our primary concern is for your health.

TMS Therapy at TMS Therapy Now

TMS therapy for anxiety is an excellent option for patients who are still struggling with anxiety despite using alternative treatments. We want to help you rid yourself of anxiety and become the amazing person we know you can be. Contact TMS Therapy Now for TMS therapy for anxiety in Tampa, Florida at 866.305.7668. A less troubled life is possible, with TMS Therapy Now.